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Delusions, Meaning and Transformation is now available.

This new book, a follow up and companion to Schizophrenia: A Blueprint for Recovery, explores psychosis more deeply, tells the stories of five people who have transcended and learned from the challenge of psychosis, and combines numerous techniques and resources to create a person-centered "Combined Toolkit" approach to help with recovery and renewal.

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Schizophrenia: A Blueprint for Recovery offers innovative techniques to work with a person in psychosis, move him or her into recovery, and aid in rejoining mainstream society.

Topics include the building of schizophrenic psychosis, hallucinations and false perceptions, working with someone in psychosis, stabilizing on medication, and counseling for self-understanding.

Featured in the New York Times.

Books and E-Books

Schizophrenia: A Blueprint for Recovery has been revised and expanded for 2012. With additional material on the nature of psychosis, different approaches to working with people in psychosis, medication and alternatives, and the results of small group studies conducted by the author, the 2012 Revised Edition contains significantly more material to aid in understanding and working with people in psychosis. It also clarifies how people who have had psychosis can recover and transform our lives, actually using the experiences during psychosis as a means to move our lives forward in post-psychosis.

To tell the revised edition apart from the earlier edition, be sure to purchase the book with a cover photo featuring the shadow of a person against brick buildings.

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DVDs available

Milt Greek has adapted Schizophrenia: A Blueprint for Recovery as a series of video presentations that expand on the material in his book.

Free previews are available. Start here to review the talks and access the previews. You may purchase DVDs via Paypal or through making arrangements over email at info@schizophreniablueprint.com  or regular mail (see DVD page).

All components can be used independently of each other and contain concrete techniques and examples for healing, recovery, and growth.

Learn more about the seven talks.

Now available in Spanish

Esquizofrenia: Un Manual Para La Recuperacion Total

Available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions

Para familias, amigos y profesionales. Técnicas innovadoras para trabajar con una persona en sicósis, moverla hacia la recuperación y ayudarla a sanar y a reintegrarse a la vertiente de la sociedad. Los Temas incluyen: El Inicio de la Sicósis Esquizofrénica. Trabajar con Alguien en Sicósis. Estabilización con Medicamentos. Causas Posibles de la Esquizofrenia.

Asesoramiento para el Auto Entendimiento. Reintegración a la Sociedad. La sabiduría de Milt Greek, adquirida al haber vivido muchos años con esquizofrenia, resonó conmigo.
-Christina Bruni, autor y bloguero experto sobre la esquizofrenia

La presentación de Milt Greek sobre la intervención en una crisis es una de las mejores que he visto. Su discurso “Conocimientos Básicos sobre el Pensamiento y Sensibilidad Sicóticos” hipnotizó a los oyentes.
-Fred Freese, Ph.D